January 27, 2021

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Testing out our new remote collaboration vst – BeatConnect

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Hey, my name's Alex and I'm looking for beta testers for BeatConnect, a remote collaboration plugin I developed over the last 9 months with a couple of friends. Not trying to sell you anything, and hoping it doesn't break any forum rules, but you can try it out at https://beatconnect.ca. We're still in beta testing so it's 100% free.

Essentially it's a plugin that you put on your master output, it works with every DAW that supports VST3/AU (so 98% of all DAWs), and allows you to organize and share your tracks in a common shared sequencer. Up to 5 person can log in to the "virtual studios" so it's be great for you and your friends to just organize all your tracks and record new stuff. If you mostly work with MIDI we've created a feature called "record when play" so that when you hit play it scans in whatever you've been working in your DAW and converts it to a .wav file.

So far we've had over 300 people from all over the world try it out, and it's been quite the journey debugging all the possible DAWs/OS combinations but we're finally at a point where the product is really stable.

Oh and we have free uncapped cloud storage for your projects, if you're into that. Thanks guys!

Here's a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/Kr3bvx2.jpeg

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