May 6, 2021

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Hate It Or Love It?!?! 21 Savage Flaunts New $75,000 Set Of Pearly White Teeth

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Source: Prince Williams / Getty

21 Savage is on a natural high right now after making the $75,000 purchase that literally lights up his face. The “Savage Mode” rapper just copped a new set of teeth after rocking grillz for the last several years.

Fans and friends seem to be pleased with his new smile as well. In only 24 hours, the photo featuring his perfect grin has amassed 1.5 million likes. The rapper’s friends had kind things to say, like “very rare sell this as an NFT,” Metro Boomin teased in a comment. Are you feeling his new look?

According to Savage himself, the faux set of teeth set him back 75 grand. On Twitter he wrote, “I paid 75k I’ll be dammed if I let y’all say these teeth ain’t mine.” The statement was likely a response to folks debating over whether or not like hated or loved Savage’s new set of veneers.

Some fans think Savage’s pearly grill is an automatic upgrade. “21 Savage looking real daddyish with his new teeth” one fan wrote.

Another side of the argument thinks the teeth don’t the rapper help at all in the looks department. “21 savage still not cute to me big pretty teeth or not.”

Are YOU feeling 21 Savage’s new set of pearly white jibs?

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